Ecological Arts utilizes both ancient and modern textile processes, to re-introduce a practice of engaging with the natural world ethically. Raw materials are chosen for their ecological integrity.  Organic and locally raised fibers are dyed in home grown fermentation Indigo, sustainably raised and gathered ancient dyes, and tended wild native plant matter. Together, these native, ancient, raw fibers and dye stuffs are used to create textile pieces that reflect time-honored, sustaining, human-animal- and plant relationships.

Ecological Arts works with adults and children, furthering these practices through workshops, ecological restoration, lectures, and courses

5 Responses to “Ecological Art: Textiles from the Heart of Nature”

  1. Andrew Fynn Says:

    Dear Rebecca

    I love the blog, so creative and loving. This truly is the new world! Congratulations and thank you. Your work is truly unique and i feel honored to share it. Perhaps we can meet some day… 😉

  2. ahipara girl Says:

    hi, just wanted to suggest you look at India Flint’s work with eco-dyes. She has just published a great book “eco colour and i think you may connect with her work too. She is an Australian textile artist and so much more. Look forward to reading back here again.

  3. india flint Says:


    have just found your pages and am amused to see that the descriptor [hapa-zome] that i coined [from kitchen Japanese] to describe the process of thumping leaves into cloth has fallen into common parlance

    those were some nice maple prints, too…

  4. ecologicalartist Says:

    Hi there!

    I think you have brought a beautiful descriptor into the world. I have read the words hapa-zome on several natural dye lists- you’ve coined a wonderfully useful term that is now roaming through the dye community.

    I very much appreciate your work, I’m glad you like the maple leaf prints.

    Many thanks,

  5. minhcuc Says:

    likes this

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