Toyon Cowl

December 12, 2009

Early morning Saturday expressions caught while wearing the toyon neck cowl.  I just finished the piece last night, after starting it during the last phase of our dye class last week.

I used Heidi Iverson’s cowl pattern, and borrowed her incredible circular needles (connected by a tube instead of a plastic string).

I handspun the yarn from Mimi Luebberman’s corriedale cross, West Marin roving– and dyed them in a month old Toyon bath.  This cowl is sooo warm, I feel like my overall body temperature has been raised.  My hands and toes are warm too!

After my afternoon swim– I relish the thought of slipping this cowl around my neck.  Life has improved with this little accessory!

4 Responses to “Toyon Cowl”

  1. kelly Says:

    very nice, and ‘Hi’ .

    • ecologicalartist Says:

      ‘Hi’ to you. Funny, I never put myself on the blog- but this morning the cowl pictures I took without a person didn’t look right.. So there I am.

  2. velma Says:

    you look delighted, and so you should be. this is fun! i shall pass on to my knitter daughter. also, please come by and visit my new blog, wake robin. (

  3. Andrew Fynn Says:

    Looks cozy. Where can I get one?!

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