Coffeeberry & Copper

October 30, 2009


Coffeeberry  is a late autumn and winter bloomer, providing food for the birds, and dye material for the natural dye vat.  Without the presence of copper, Coffeeberry produces a very pale yellow.  Yet, there was something about the quality of the yellow that did inspire me– and I felt that with the influence of a copper vessel, I could easily green the tone.  I experimented with this several years ago in a borrowed pot- and was very pleased with the results.


An old farm sale out in the Valley last weekend provided me with these two exquisite copper pots.  In some ways I am still in awe of this find, I’ve been waiting many years to source just the right copper pot, at just the right price– and voila– it finally arrived into my life.


Here is a picture of the skeins amongst my little coffeeberry plant.  It has grown in the shadiest part of the garden with success.  I have four coffeeberry plants in the native garden, they will likely reach 10-12 feet if I allow them to grow that height.  I can keep them small and shrub like, by pruning for my dye vat.


The handspun corriedale cross yarn comes across vibrantly in the morning sun.  In true life color– they are much greener than this.

4 Responses to “Coffeeberry & Copper”

  1. kel Says:

    stunning pots. one almost lives for finds like ethese! how exciting.

  2. kel Says:

    beautiful skeins too, love that colour.

    • ecologicalartist Says:

      Oh thank you! I really like the patina effect of the copper pot. Also– I delivered your seeds to Jen, and she will be mailing them off to you.

  3. Dorie Says:

    wow – great pot&colour – and this coffeeberry seems also good for your skin as an antioxidant…

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