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3 Responses to “IMG_3886”

  1. Priest Says:

    So that’s the case? Quite a realovtien that is.

  2. I often choose the buttered side, which means I land on my face.I have a knack for choosing the wrong side and find myself in disgrace.If I went to a protest, I would, I am sure, be sprayed with mace.All of my sports teams end up in last place.Ah, when it comes to choosing sides, I am a hopeless case.

  3. I’ve lived through distinct phases in my clothes shopping.Phase 1: I had a great body and lots of time to shop, but no money. The lean years.Phase 2: I still had a decent body and extra money, but no time to shop. Because I had kids.Phase 3: I had plenty of money and oodles of time, but my body was shot. Nothing looked good.Phase 4: Today I have none of the above. I shop in my closet and hope for the best.Sigh.

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