2 Responses to “IMG_1451”

  1. connie Says:

    I was looking for a list of best dye plants for a youth garden in Alabama. Could you provide one? Thanks.

    • ecologicalartist Says:

      Hi Connie,

      While I don’t yet have a comprehensive list for each state– I believe
      that you have access to ‘poke weed berries’. You can google pokeberry and see more about that plant. I also think you might have access to staghorn sumac– check out the USDA plant database and search these two species under their ‘common name’ and a map will appear. If you click on your state I think you’ll get to see county by county. There is a dyer in Missouri Carol Leigh of Hillcreek Fiber Studio who works with both these species– and has said they are throughout the Southeast.

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