Natural Dye Day

August 2, 2009

Eco-Color Files


It was an incredible day in the garden and the studio.  A benefit for our local sustainability center- Sustainable Fairfax, was shared with an exuberant, creative, and very sweet group of adults and children.  Immersion dye vats of Eucalytpus, fennel, bee plant, California Sage, Fermentation Indigo, Logwood, and black walnuts were dunked into, with silk, wool, cotton, hemp, and a bit of linen.

IMG_2922We started indoors with a little presentation on the importance of using natural dyes.  There are many reasons to use natural color, from personal to global ecological health-  it was a joy to share this information with such an understanding and receptive audience.  Many people purchased dye plant seeds, and talked about how to re-create these processes in their own homes and gardens.  I hope to see little dye gardens popping up in neighborhoods everywhere- and have people walking down the street wearing their own bee-plant pants, and Eucalyptus shirts…A world that is soft on the eyes, and good for the ecosystem.  What a wonderful world that will be.

We experimented with rust dyeing, hapa-zome (or pounding)- new additions to my usual immersion dyeing process. It was beautiful to observe how people used the immersion dyeing as a base layer, and then pounded pansies, borage, and geraniums into their cloth.  This created amazing effects, ones that I learned so much from.



I have so much gratitude to each and every member of today’s creative team.  If anyone in the group would like continued support in any of their eco-color adventures, please drop me an email, or give a call.  I look forward to your colorful future!


5 Responses to “Natural Dye Day”

  1. […] Artist hosted the Day of Slow Clothes over the weekend with a workshop on natural textile dyes. The photos from the event are just gorgeous! Total proof that vegetable dyes can be luxurious and […]

    • ecologicalartist Says:

      Thank you. I read your blog often, and appreciate all that you are doing to promote truly Ethical Style.

  2. shahid Says:

    i want complete info o natural colours its advantages and its importance.

    • ecologicalartist Says:

      Hi there! I might make a purchase of Dominique Cardon’s book on Natural Dyeing, or India Flint’s book Eco Colour.

      I do not have Dominque’s book, but I’ve heard it covers things from a chemical perspective in terms of listing the components of natural dyes by their chemical make-up. I don’t know if she talks about the advantages or not.

      India Flint’s book is very artistic, but it still does cover some of the advantages of the natural dye process.

      My book won’t be out until 2011. So it will be a while!

      A woman from UC Davis wrote about the advantages and importance quite well- her name is Rachel Stone, and she wrote her thesis on the subject- titled Opening Pandora’s Box. If you can get a hold of that, I think it would feed your interest very much

  3. sarah Says:

    I am embarking on making my own dresses out of old linen and cotton and hemp.
    I am really really struggling to simply find somewhere that sells a wonderful subtle rainbow of ecological/ ethical fabric dyes. Please Help!!!!!!

    (Mostly blues anf greys and greens.)

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