Logwood Lavender

June 29, 2009


I am currently chronicling the beauty of summer color in the garden, with the naturally dyed yarns emerging from my dye vats. What an incredible thrill as I pulled out these skeins from the logwood dye bath! This rich purple, much deeper than a lavender really, was obtained through one day of soaking and heating the logwood bark chips. I highly recommend Cheryl Kolander’s logwood source check out Aurora Silk. She works with the people of the Dominican Republic to source her logwood. Her project is focused on creating sustainable and thriving incomes for the indigenous Indios peoples. A population of people recently thought to be extinct. I absolutely love the project, and the logwood is like no other. Do give the dye a try!


This handspun skein was made from Mimi Luebberman’s lovely corriedale cross roving. It is hearty and yet so soft. She sells her rovings, and naturally dyed yarns each Saturday at the Point Reyes farmer’s market. I recommend paying her a visit. Today I chose to use our food garden as my setting. The skeins sit on heirloom pumpkin leaves, framed by Italian Chicory flowers. The Italian Chicory is decidedly one of the most medicinal plants in our garden. It is cleansing to the liver, the kidneys, and appears to help with weight loss as well. It is very strong and qualifies as bitter, for sure. But sauteed with onion and kale, its delicious.
If you have the desire for chicory seed, drop me a comment, ours is almost ready!

2 Responses to “Logwood Lavender”

  1. those colours are blowing my mind. i would love some seeds also.

    • ecologicalartist Says:

      Hi Heidi, these colors are blowing my mind too! I’m jumping around my house so excited about them. I’ll put together an envelope of chicory seed for you when they are ready!

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