Yellows of Summer

June 28, 2009


It was so warm today. Napping felt appropriate, after a morning of working with the hot steamy dye vats. After arising from a rather long afternoon slumber, the sun was going behind the tall incense cedar, and I took a moment to honor California Sage. These skeins, one handspun, the other a machine spun merino, were both dyed in Artemesia Californica, or commonly known as California Sage. This is the soft gray shrub the skeins are sitting in. I enjoy seeing the dyed yarn, right next to the plant which yields the color. This is actually the way I learn my native plant species- by using them, and understanding their properties. I collected sage at my friend Judith’s garden, Judith also happens to be an incredible harvester of native seed. I recommend her seed company, Larner seed, (especially the hillside wildflower mix). .


My last post highlighted our garden specifically- the job of the following posts will be to document my process emulating the colors of the garden in my dye vats. The yellows of the sunflowers are still intoxicating, and are, of course the inspiration for this morning’s yellow sage dye vat. I take many trips each day to watch the sunflower tilt its large head towards the direction of the sun. I wonder how it stays so strong in the heat, when all I want to do is wilt.


If you have pictures of your garden, or color inspiration from nature you’d like to share, I’d love to see more blog entries on this subject. Or send me your pictures in an email. These color palettes from the environment are my creative fuel. Leave me a comment with your links.

One Response to “Yellows of Summer”

  1. auntie Fran Says:

    hiI am Stacies aunt.I read your blog.It is great.I love nature and gardening.I cant do all that I want because I have real bad shoulders and hands but I try.I have some great nature pictures but I’m not smart enough to know how to get them sent.Sunflowers are one of my favorites.I plant them all over our farm.Not just for their beauty but for the birds too.keep writing and growin!auntie Fran

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