Madder of Fact

June 11, 2009


Salmon root is what I might call it. I’ve been working with madder for a week now, exhausting each dye vat to see what magical colors will emerge. I’ve explored red, pink, and orange, the warm spectrum. On these foggy northern California spring days, it is refreshing to work with warm tones. I used the Windrush farm corriedale cross wool, which has an easy and workable fiber length, and blended it with a very short kid mohair fiber. I wanted a chunky and artistic yarn. To do this I spun uncombed locks of the mohair tightly into the corriedale. The yarn is strong, and I think will make a unique head adornment.


I’ve kept the kid mohair in my special fiber closet, due it being fully loved by our cat Marmalade. Today he tried once again to nestle into it. He loves fiber, almost as much as I do.


For fiber in the North of San Francisco bioregion- <a href=””>

I highly recommend attending this year’s event, it is a lot of fun!


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