Native Plant Dyers

June 7, 2009


Today at the California School of Herbal Studies a group of really fabulous individuals took part in native plant natural dyeing. Experimenting with Horsetail, Sage, Coyote Brush, Sticky Monkey Flower, Walnuts, Toyon, and Bee Plant, we came up with a range of colors on wool, silk, and cotton. The wool, and silk were mordanted with alum only, the cotton with black oak tannins.
The wool and silk were by far more successful in accepting color than our cotton swatches.


The school is a wonderful place, meticulously kept, and hosts an incredible garden of medicinal herbs. Outside of the garden we walked along the dirt road, and found growing in their native plant communities- all of our dye species, with the exception of coastal sage.


The creativity of this group was something special. Their positivity, inquisitiveness, and passion were an inspiration to me. I can see each one of them taking their new skill, and their emerging ideas, and creating extraordinary art- and functional attire.


In Gratitude, I thank you all for coming and sharing your lovely selves!



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