Spring Green

May 31, 2009


These may be the only shoes that balance so well on a kale leaf- and they look right at home doing so. These Coyote Brush Booties were made for a little one in Manhattan Kansas. I believe he is either just arrived, or immediately on the way. These booties were dyed in coyote brush, and also in my fermentation indigo vat. They are made of Tussah silk, and organic cotton and hemp fleece. The green obtained from this combination of plant dyes, fits in just perfectly the prolific variety of greens in the garden. We are growing a bed of black Tuscan kale in our spring stirfry bed. It is a delectable heirloom variety I began from seed in the mid-winter, seed can be purchased from J.L. Hudson seed catalog, it is an easy variety to grow. It has been adapting well to the warmer temperatures.


These are our little kale seedlings almost ready for the ground. We have been eating greens happily now for over a month. I find them so tender, I can even eat them raw, with a bit of lemon juice and salt.


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