Blooming Spring Yarns

March 25, 2009

img_1785Dye baths of logwood, indigo, wild sage, wild toyon, wild coyote brush, and cochineal were all used on local organic wool roving from Windrush farm. These pieces of roving can be seen in the last several posts in their raw state.  This yarn is my interpretation of numerous spring landscapes, filled with both indigenous and non-indigenous plant life. Driving home from the central valley I was in awe of the yellow mustard carpeting the base of the cherry trees, now in plumes of soft pink blossoms.  As I drove home through the wetlands, I saw the orange strips of seeding grasses striped with light and yellow greens.  All the while the sky transitioned between purple, dark and light blue as the sun set.  Arriving home, I walked out into the garden we have inherited, and are in the process of transitioning into a little food farm.  The flat bit of earth we call our backyard is now teeming with mallow, mint, ranunculus, rosemary blossoms, and lemon balm.  

img_1780These plants were the source of the clippings that adorn the yarn.  The complexity of one untended bit of ground astounds me. People have come and gone from the home we rent, leaving traces of their botanical preferences amongst the volunteers of dandelion, wild oat, and mallow. The birds have their landscaping ideas as well. The blue jays burry acorns, the finches leave droppings filled with various annual grass seed. The wind inevitably takes part each season, in choosing which japanese maple seeds will make it from the neighbors tree, into our yard, or which variety of dock seed will end up germinating in between the cracks of the cement. All of these forces act as a team to keep the earth green, and the soil protected.  I attempt, each year to utilize the work of the birds, wind, soil, to find new sources of color inspiration, and at times, I am fortunate to find a new dye recipe out of the collage of new growth.  


One Response to “Blooming Spring Yarns”

  1. Ilene Lollis Says:

    I just wanted to say WOW! I love your blog!

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