Grassy Undertones

March 18, 2009

img_2994As I study the grasses, I find more than green.  In visioning my spring yarn, I am drawn to include an unexpected color- orange.  Normally apart of the fall color scheme, I am seeing it everywhere.  As the grasses mature, and seed, a band of orange appears in the wetland fields.  I thought today would be about blues, and rain filled cloud colors- and I thought I’d be using my fermentation indigo vat.  But before I move onto the colors of the sky, I am held by the colors of earth for one more day.

img_17111Today was toyon branches, and cochineal bugs, these two dye vats together helped me achieve this lovely orange on combed wool, or roving.   An honest interpretation of the grasses I am observing in the wetlands.  Yesterday it was powder pink (cochineal), and a soft mustard flower yellow (sage), I am using plant dyes to describe every jaw-dropping color scheme I see as I drive down the country roads, and even the I-80 freeway.


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  1. Lottie Says:

    That’s a smart answer to a diucifflt question.

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