The Beginning of Yarn

March 17, 2009

img_1707After the sheep have been sheered, the fleece is sent off for washing and combing.  If the mill just washes and combs the wool, it is sent back to the rancher as roving.  I like to start with roving for all intensive yarn making purposes.  I can dye pieces of it into a myriad of colors, and then spin them together for what becomes the most appealing skein of yarn.  Today I had in mind the blossoms of spring.  The mustard blooms in the fields, and soft pink cherry blossoms, for these color inspirations, I used wild sage and cochineal dye vats.

img_1705The cochineal created a lovely powder pink on this incredibly soft merino and corriedale cross roving.  With these batches of spring color, I am beginning to formulate my new spring yarns.  I am inspired by the deep blue sky, spotted by bursting navy and gray rain clouds, contrasting brilliant green grass, wild yellow mustard, and pink blossoms…  I still have a day or so of dying left before I can achieve all the colors in my vision.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll be dipping into my indigo vat…

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