Winter Dye Day

February 4, 2009



It has been a while, as ecological arts processes have been focused on indoor activities this season- I haven’t been making a whole lot of art outdoors.  However that all changed recently, and first dye day of 2009 took place, on a very cold frosty winter morning.  Thank you Mia, Sky, and the home school crew for your interest and playful participation.  Thank you Sky for these gorgeous pictures.  Fortunately, the cold was met with the almond smelling steam of the Toyon bath, and the sage smell of the Artemesia californica to keep us warm and cozy.  


 We used a shibori pattern making technique with the use of marbles, rubber bands, and tongue depressors.  This piece was carefully made with many many marbles, getting them on the fabric and off the fabric was a community effort.


Our front yard art show, the yellow of California Sagebrush made a lovely striped scarf with a series of tongue depressors used for the pattern.  Diamonds inside of diamonds were created with marbles and rubber bands.  It was a beautiful collection to see all together.

One Response to “Winter Dye Day”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Glad to see you posting again. Your photos and projects are beautiful.

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