My Turn

October 23, 2008

I just finished dressing the loom, and began creating the image that has been in my mind for months now. After collecting the right local wool, and the right Canadian hemp.  I began dying the yarns last April.  With the help of many young children from the Canal Alliance after school program, and the Pickleweed Center.

We used Toyon, Coyote Brush, Coffeeberry, and Coastal Sage as dyes.  We dyed many skeins together.   Most of these yarns were used by the children to create their own weaving projects.  After many months it is now my turn to weave.  My soul could not be happier.  

As an educational therapist for children, and as a guest teacher and consultant educating about sustainable art materials and restoration art gardens, my life has mainly been about giving.. a lot of giving.  So much so, that my own art has not been given the time it deserves.  Being at my loom again today was as cathartic an experience as I have had in memory.  I am so grateful for this time, it is the most precious gift.


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