Keeping Warm

October 10, 2008


I’m experiencing a hat making fetish, as of the last several days.  This one is the most playful of them all-in every way, from its color combinations to vintage buttons.. The blue yarn is local wool, handspun, and dyed in my fermentation Indigo vat.  The little stripe of multi-color, is from my handspun rainbow yarn. This yarn is spun from a naturally dyed multi-color batt that I make and sell-( you can check out the rainbow batts in my shop.)  The orange/yellow stripe at the base is from a machine spun local wool dyed in Native Toyon. (This Toyon dyed yarn is being sold in an autumn color bundle on Etsy at the moment).   The bright pink ear warmers, which are key for keeping this hat on, were knit from a local wool dyed in cochineal.  Young students of mine dyed this yarn during a Central American natural dye class.  

This little hat is a gift.  I made it to uniquely reflect the little person who will be wearing it.



Softly Autumn

Softly Autumn


This hat receives my award for best texture.  It is so so soft. Hand-spun local angora wool, blended with a gray cashmere.  It feels cloud-like.  The little man modeling began to smile when we put it on.  I think I would to.

One Response to “Keeping Warm”

  1. I love the color combination on the first hat! What a lovely creation!

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